Fortunately, the Bible reminds us that we don’t have to be afraid. It even states more than 365 times that you don’t have to fear. You can conclude from this that God does not want you to ever be afraid, because He is your Protector.

You may take His words of not being afraid and His protection for you seriously and put them in your mind and in your heart above everything that happens in this world.

The following prayer has been made based on some Bible texts. It can help you realize that living under His protection is the safest place wherever you are.

A prayer for protection

How should I listen to God's voice?

Heavenly Father, I hide with you. I stay in the shelter of the Most High. I spend the night in the shadow of the Almighty. I say: “The Lord is my refuge and my fortress, my God I trust in you.” You deliver me from treacherous traps and save me from deadly diseases. You protect me under your wings, your truth and your loyalty are a safe shield. Father, you are my confidence, strong and strong. You protect me from ambushes or hidden danger.

Father, you give me safety and you reassure me. You keep me in perfect peace, because my thoughts are focused on you. I thank you that I can always go to sleep peacefully because you protect me !
I am not afraid of the horror at night, nor of the sharp attacks that try to reach me during the day. I am not afraid of the destruction that strikes in the middle of the day.
Even though a thousand fall on my left and ten thousand on my right, nothing will happen to me.

Because You Lord are my refuge. I have chosen You, the Most High, as my protector! I trust you.

You can consider and pray this prayer for yourself and for all those dear to you. Expressing this daily and in faith will ensure that God’s words of protection will penetrate deep into your heart. Of course you can also make a prayer yourself based on texts from God’s word.

It will help you to resist and overcome the thoughts of fear. Fear gives way to faith. Believe that you are safe in the protection of the Most High.

Psalm 27: 1 NIV The LORD is my light, my salvation, who should I fear? My life is safe with the LORD, who would I fear? 

* Psalm 91, Psalm 3: 4,5, Psalm 4: 9, Psalm 34: 8, Proverbs 3:26

Prayer for the protection of family members

Why do we end our prayer with "Amen"?

Lord Jesus! Forgive your sinful servants (names). Bless and help deal with the temptations of the world. Protect against sorcery and witchcraft. Strengthen, Lord, the souls of your servants (names) of the temptations of the enemy, of the machinations of demons, of the tricks of men. Let them devote their works to you, dream of the kingdom of heaven. Enemy – allow Satan to withdraw; he will not receive power over souls. Lord, help, save souls in the light. Amen!

Prayer for protection of our home and Job

Blessing, Lord, Almighty Father, our home and protect it from natural violence and human malice. May all who reside in it please You by keeping Your commandments and practicing all virtues. We pray for faith and repentance for the salvation of all of us.

Save us for illness and adversity. Let our home be a refuge for the needy and a place for the afflicted, Lord. May Your holy Angels live in it and keep all devilish influence far away. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for protection for spirits, entities and powers in the spiritual world.

Some people are attacked / harassed by forces from the dark world during the day or at night. It is important to know that you are a child of God and that Jesus lives in you through the Holy Spirit. Satan has no power over us except through intimidation and fear. He was defeated by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Love is stronger than fear. Entities that pose as souls of deceased people should not bother you and may send you away in the name of Jesus.

(Leviticus 19:31 Thou shalt not turn to the spirits of the dead, or to divining spirits; thou shalt not seek them to defile thee with them: I am the LORD your God.)

You can use the name of Jesus to send the enemy away.
You can use the prayer below as an example if you experience being attacked or simply to protect yourself and your family.

In the name of Jesus Christ I place a dome of protection around my house, my partner, my children (name their names) and myself.
I cover this dome with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
In the name of Jesus Christ I send away every spirit within this dome and purify this space within the dome with the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit so that all uncleanness and impurity is consumed by God’s holy fire.
Thank You Jesus for letting me be safe in Your Love and in You inviolable and blessed.
Below some texts from the Bible that support the above prayer.
Zechariah 2: 5   And I myself, saith the LORD, shall be a fiery wall round about it, and glory within it.
Proverbs 18:10 The LORD is a strong tower; His name is power. The righteous will seek refuge with Him and be safe.
Psalms 91: 1 If you seek protection from the Supreme God, you are completely safe.
Deuteronomy 33:27   The eternal God is a dwelling for you and among you are eternal poor.
Isaiah 41:10   Do not fear, for I am with you; do not look around fearfully, for I am your God. I strengthen you, I also help you, I also support you with my salutary right hand.
1 John 1: 7  but if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another; and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.

Prayer to protect children against the darkness

… All My children must become aware of this calamity if they want to save each other, certainly out of love for their own family. My love will continue to guide them if they turn to Me now. They must never be afraid to bow and say:

” O my Lord, lead me to Your Kingdom and protect me from the darkness that has engulfed my soul. Now hear me, o Sacred Heart and let Your goodness shed your Light of love and protection. “

Those of My children who say this prayer will be heard. Their cries for deliverance for them and for those they love will be answered. I have, through My seers led by My Blessed Mother, struggled to send warnings into the world. Many, many times, My seers, despite the rejections at the beginning, were finally accepted. This time, they will not be given the importance of the time before the messages are heard by enough people. …

Is Prayer for protection still necessary?

In practice, many believers often ask God for help with daily events, while I think in many cases we can trust and thank God better than asking for it, simply because He has long since promised this help. This idea is in line with the conclusions from the ‘ Question Prayers ‘ topic earlier in this chapter.

Let’s look at a few examples.

frequently heard prayers while God’s Word says: but it is also possible:
Lord, do you want to be with me today? “And I will ask the Father to give you another Helper who will be with you forever.” (John 14:16, WV2012) Thank You Father for promising to be with me every day. I am safe with you every moment of the day. Even today!
Lord, will you come with me and keep me on the way home. “Aren’t they (all angels) ministering spirits sent out for the service of those who will inherit salvation (= eternal life)?” (Hebrews 1:14, KJV1951)
“As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people from now until eternity.” (Psalm 125: 2, NIV 2004)
Thank You Father for promising to be with me every day. With you I am safe every moment of the day, also on the road! Do you want to help me to be alert in traffic?
Lord also faithfully watches over me this night. “I go to bed in peace, I fall asleep peacefully; only you, Lord, give me peace and safety.” (Psalm 4: 9, GNB1996)
“I lie down, fall asleep, and wake up – the LORD protects me.” (Psalm 3: 6, NIV 2004)
Thank you, Father, that I can sleep safely tonight too, because you are with me.
Lord, will you help me with my work today? “For David says of him, I saw the Lord before me at all times; for he is at my right hand, that I should not falter.” (Acts 2:25, KJV1951)
“My help comes from the LORD who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121: 2, NIV 2004)
Thank You Father for promising to be with me every day. That is a great blessing. That is why I trust your presence and help today.

Never forget that as a believer you are not connected to a distant God. God is very close to all born-again believers, because for them the Holy Spirit lives permanently in their hearts. Therefore, please pray to the God who is close by and that means a lot. It is good to have that reflected in your prayers.

Want to experience God’s help

Many prayers for daily help are in fact not prayers for God’s presence, but prayers to experience His supportive presence. For example, if someone prays: “Lord, you want to be with me today,” he can mean, “Lord, I feel unsafe and I would like to experience your presence today for encouragement.” In that case I would say: say what you mean, that makes everything much clearer.

If you need to experience God’s encouraging presence, you could also pray the following: “Lord, I know that You are with me every moment of the day. But deep in my heart I look up to this day. I like it if I experienced you very personally when I had to go through that difficult situation. But even if I don’t feel your presence, I am still happy and grateful that you are here. ” See, that is fair language and also faith language. In this way you lean on God’s promises and not on your feelings. Of course I don’t want to discourage the search for spiritual experiences, but I do want to put them in the right perspective. Experiences are useful for encouraging and supporting your faith, but you don’t always need them.

Praying for protection and preservation Psalm 91

In the Psalms we find many texts about the fact that God protects believers and saves them from calamity. For example, read the following words from a famous Psalm:

he (= God) will protect you with his wings, under his wings you will find refuge, his faithfulness is a safe shield … Even if a thousand fall on your left and ten thousand on your right, nothing will happen to you … If you are allowed to live with the Supreme, evil will not reach you, no plague will ever hit your tent, he will entrust you to his angels, who will watch over you wherever you go. knocking on a stone. ” (Psalm 91, NBV2004)

How should we deal with such promises from God’s side. Does God promise all Christian believers complete all-risk protection against every conceivable danger? We know all too well that this is not how it works. But how does it work? We also have to take into account the difference between the Old and New Covenants for texts such as these. The promises from the Old Covenant are mainly physical in nature, while those under the New Covenant are primarily spiritual in nature. The protection that God guarantees to New Testament believers is protection against the attacks and threats of Satan as long as they live in union with God. For example, read Psalm 64: 2-7 where you can replace the “enemies” with “demonic powers.”

In addition, you may of course ask God for physical protection, especially if you do dangerous work or have to take a journey where you are at risk. There are many examples of believers who have been saved in special ways for serious accidents in response to prayer. I believe that God’s angels regularly protect us against certain dangers, usually without us noticing. At the same time, we may also ask God for alertness so that we can recognize dangers. And yet you can be affected by some kind of disaster. Why God allows such things is usually not clear. But when it happens, God will let it work to bring you closer to Him, so that you ultimately benefit from it.

“And we know that for those who love God, for those who are called according to His purpose, everything contributes to good.” (Romans 8:28, NBV2004)

Praying for help and personal responsibility

We must never ask God to do what He has instructed US to do, because we are, of course, responsible for that. Yet I sometimes hear people pray in the following way: “Lord, give me that I can do this or that.” That sounds pious, but if you think about it properly, it is nonsense. Consider the following examples of such prayers:

prayers we sometimes hear: while God’s Word says:
Lord, make me thankful. “… be thankful” (Colossians 3:15, GNB1996)
Lord, make me happy. “Always rejoice in the Lord. Again, rejoice!” (Philippians 4: 4, WV2012)
Lord, make my hours and my time prepared for your praise and service. “… Commit yourself to Him as a living, holy offering, pleasing to Him. That is the spiritual worship that suits you.” (Romans 12: 1, WV2012)
Lord, make me love you more. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30, GNB1996)
(prayer from a preacher prior to the sermon 🙂 Lord, let us listen to your Word. “He who has an ear must hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Revelation 3: 6, NBV2004)

And we can go on and on. If you say such prayers, you might mean something else, for example: “Help me to obey you because I find that very difficult in some circumstances.” Then I would say: then say what you mean, that makes everything much clearer. Of course God wants to help you carry out His will. For this He has sent the Holy Spirit to be your Helper. But the choice to WANT to do it must come from yourself. And then the Holy Spirit is immediately ready to support you. That is how it works.

In short, in such prayers you actually lay the responsibility for your own obedience with God. Such prayers may sound pious to yourself, and may give you a satisfied feeling of having pious desires. But they camouflage your own lack of faith and that is completely wrong.

Furthermore, as a believer you of course always have the responsibility to treat yourself well in all sorts of practical ways. For example, what do you think about a chain smoker asking if God wants to give him clean lungs again …? Or from someone too lazy to work and God asks for money to pay the monthly rent for his home …?

What is prayer for protection against evil spirits

Believers from an early age are taught that people are children. Incidentally, atheists usually deny this. But we’ll get there later. We are little beings before a great and noble God. He is the only one who has the power to protect or punish a person. This truth must be learned as an axiom without proof. The Lord is the father, he punishes and rewards. And to whom does the child run when they insult him? It is in the subconscious mind – protection must be sought from the parents. Believers do the same, turn to the Lord to protect themselves from evil spirits.

The prayer is read at the moment of the threat, regardless of whether it is real or far-fetched. You must understand that this is not a conspiracy and releases magical powers. The appeal to the Almighty in this case is the formation of a projection of his power into his soul. If it is simpler: a person feels that he is not alone, there is someone nearby who is much stronger and wiser, able to cope with an unknown danger. A prayer of protection against the evil spirits of the Lord is at the same time a request and confirmation. Man confirms with her words faithful to the commandments of Jesus, rejects the art of the devil.

What is meant by evil spirits

These days we are not taught theology, knowledge of it. People often receive areas from TV programs, films and literature, far from being religious. That is why there is a certain confusion about the devil. This leads to reproduction, so that fears and phobias can be expressed. Enemies seem to be around every corner. And I want to build a fort to protect against evil spirits.

Prayer, many are convinced of this, is a weak weapon. In fact, everything is easier if you understand how the world works. Under the diabolical powers we understand what we are used to considering temptation. It is really everywhere. The neighbor has a new car – I want myself too; a colleague was promoted – why they came around me and so on. These are just the simplest examples. And in his soul a person will find much more refined anger that does not rejoice in what is. You ask: “But what about corruption and the evil eye, are they really just a figment?” No.

Negative programs and energies really exist, but they do not penetrate into a pure soul. For example, for a witch to jinx you, you must have similar feelings in your heart. Envy brings no joy. Let’s say it differently: the devil lurks in the soul of a person, one must defend himself against him. And the outside world is just a reflection of the inside. We attract those events in which we believe. s and energies really exist, but they do not penetrate into a pure soul.

For example, for a witch to jinx you, you must have similar feelings in your heart. Envy brings no joy. Let’s say it differently: the devil lurks in the soul of a person, one must defend himself against him. And the outside world is just a reflection of the inside. We attract those events in which we believe. s and energies really exist, but they do not penetrate into a pure soul. For example, for a witch to jinx you, you must have similar feelings in your heart. Envy brings no joy. Let’s say it differently: the devil lurks in the soul of a person, one must defend himself against him. And the outside world is just a reflection of the inside. We attract those events in which we believe.

When to pray

The Lord is always near, He does not sleep, does not leave their children. That is all you really have to remember. Sometimes a strange question can be heard when a prayer for protection against evil spirits is discussed: “What days to read it to help?” Think for yourself, do you get a routine for the work of the powers of the devil? Prayer is meant to make someone feel, to confirm his connection with the Lord. It is up to him to decide when to do it.

But in fact, you turn to the Almighty when fear is born only in the soul. Actually around the clock. You don’t have to go to the temple or hold special ceremonies for this. A conversation with the Lord is not witchcraft, but the natural need of a believer. And if he has a problem, who else helps then? There is probably a misunderstanding about what God is in such a question. This is not a kind of force that exists independently of the individual.

We are all parts of the world that our Father created. And this means that every person is actually His component, like fingers on his hand. They do not exist themselves, only together with the palm, because they are connected to it by blood vessels and other tissues. So it is impossible to separate a person from the Lord.

Only he himself can block his mind, imagine that such a union does not exist. like fingers on his hand. They do not exist themselves, only together with the palm, because they are connected to it by blood vessels and other tissues. So it is impossible to separate a person from the Lord. Only he himself can block his mind, imagine that such a union does not exist. like fingers on his hand. They do not exist themselves, only together with the palm, because they are connected to it by blood vessels and other tissues. So it is impossible to separate a person from the Lord. Only he himself can block his mind, imagine that such a union does not exist.

Prayer for protection against evil spirits

“Lord Jesus Christ, sanctify your name, your kingdom will come …” Let us not quote here the words that are known to everyone. Do you remember the legend of the tax collector and the Pharisee? Jesus said that words cannot get meaning. You must open the soul to the heavenly father. To protect against evil spirits, prayer must be sincere, come from the heart.

And what exactly do you say – is it really important when the basis is a feeling of trust in the Almighty? When a person assures himself that a special text from an old book or recommended by the church is more important, he shows pride. More precisely: this poor fellow says to the Lord: “I know better what to do!” Is that not proud? Believers accept the will of the Supreme, whatever it is, they just want to unite with Him, to be protected. And this does not require words at all. They are a tool for the imperfect human brain, through which you can feel unity with the Lord.

So what to say?

It would be nice to sit in silence, stay silent for a while, light up the candles and think. You know, there is so much unnecessary information in our head that it’s no wonder to get confused. But you must find that there is unclean power or sorcery for you. Believe me, everyone understands this as his own. Some are afraid of wizards, others – ruin, others – rivals, and so on.

This is a superficial, external side of the problem. Fear should be the loss of connection with the heavenly Father, a time when there is no hope in his soul for his kindness and support. This is what prayer is for. When her person reads, he calms, realizes the scarcity of his own problems for the greatness of the creator of the world. That is why prayer is needed.

For protection against evil spirits, prayer becomes Of sorcery ‘most used. In any case, the clergy recommend it. The other name: “90th psalm”. The text is of course long, but it is not necessary to remember it. Read from the magazine if needed. It is of course advisable to have a prayer book at home.

How to protect yourself?

To say the best strategy nowadays is to prevent problems. Why wait until evil appears in your life? I agree, there is no specific rationality. Demons come to those who let or invite them into their souls. That is why it is necessary to constantly, continuously, strive for purity and light. Start prayer every day and go to sleep with it. Here is a tactic and defense strategy. “Our Father” knows all believers by heart. It happens that they even remember and read in a terrible dream. Learn a short text and speak as soon as you wake up. Very quickly it becomes a habit. Then the evil spirit is not terrible. After all, your faith in the Lord will be constantly strengthened. And this is the most important defense. If you constantly feel the presence of Heavenly Father, see black creatures. They won’t come close.

How to protect loved ones?

This is much more complicated. The relationship with the Lord is indeed a personal matter. But a mother can and must protect her child against evil. To do this, he must be taught prayer. But let the words not only remember and speak, but also provide insight into what the Lord is for mankind. A child must come to Him meaningfully and understand what he is doing. But praying for loved ones is of course not forbidden.

The clergy recommends that the entire family attend church. A temple is a community of souls who turn to the Lord. Protecting family members is to maintain the unity of people with God, not to interrupt him. See your loved ones at home with prayer, ask the Lord to support them and protect them from temptation. Not sure which words to pronounce? Let’s give some text.


In my opinion, daily praying for God’s help and presence is unnecessary, because it has already been promised. It is much better to thank God for that daily and to express your faith in His help and presence in faith. You can only do this if you have a true, living faith. If you cannot yield that trust, it may be that you have not yet come to a real faith and have not yet had the new life of God in you.