How should I listen to God's voice?

Believe in your own prayer!

When I pray, I want to see results. That is why I say the desired result when I pray. In Mark 11:24, Jesus says … “That is why I tell you: everything that you pray and ask for, believe that you have already received it and you will receive it.”

Believe in your own prayer!

Faith is the key to answering your prayer. Praying without faith makes no sense. Somewhere hoping that God will do something about it, nothing changes. Believing that whatever you pray will happen is what gives power to prayer. Jesus said: if you pray, believe that you have already received it … You believe at that moment … the moment you pray! Not until you have received the answer. Then faith is no longer necessary. When you pray, believe that you have already received the answer, and you will receive it.

Pray the Word

Therefore, never pray the problem, whatever it is. The problem is already known to God, you don’t have to mention it. Pray what you want to see! What is needed is that you know what God thinks about it and you can find that in His Word. Then you pray that Word about your need and expect that what you have spoken will happen.

When I was pregnant with my first child, we lived in Northern Ireland for just a year in an old and small apartment. For the two of us it was ok but not for a baby. There was no place and it was too damp. We started looking around for another home in the area, but nothing was left blank. My stomach grew thicker and the time to move to something better became more urgent. Of course we prayed for it, but nothing seemed to happen. I was 7.5 months pregnant when I read a text in Mark 10 that I shot like a rocket in prayer. The text seemed to light up from the page.

Jesus said: ‘I assure you: everyone who has left brothers or sisters, mother, father or children, house or fields for my sake and the gospel, will receive the hundredfold: in this time brothers and sisters, mothers and children, houses and fields …

We had everything we had and knew, family and friends, a nice comfortable flat, left our home country the Netherlands and went on the mission field. The word ‘house’ and ‘houses’ stood out for me! This was a customized text for our situation, so I prayed it full of fire to God. It was His Word and I stood on it! Less than 2 weeks later we received the key to 18 High Street, a large mansion with 8 rooms plus a shop. The little furniture that we had disappeared into the large high spaces, but oh how happy we were with the answer to our prayer. On Boxing Day I was groping the walls of the nursery with my big belly and a month later our son announced himself.

If you pray God’s Word, express His promises about your situation, expect that the Word will not be fruitless, but will do what you have sent it to. (Isaiah 55:11)

It is like seed that you put in the ground and water, it can take a short time, it can take a long time, but the seed will come up! If you have sowed the seed of God’s Word in your heart and said it in prayer, water it with thanksgiving and praise, look forward with faith and expectation to how God will fulfill His Word, know that the seed will rise and you will see prayer!

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