Hear God's voice every day?

Hear God’s voice every day?

Hearing God speak every day, is that possible? Many people are unsure about hearing God’s voice. But understanding God’s voice is not difficult, it is a process. It is a natural consequence of your relationship with Him. The more you delve into His word, the more you will grow in your relationship with God. As a result, you will be able to understand His voice better and better.

If you think that you cannot understand God’s voice yourself, you tend to want to hear God speak through someone else. Fortunately God also speaks to you through others, but it is important, even essential, that you yourself can hear God’s voice. That you know what God is saying to you personally.

Hear God’s voice every day

The voice of God is actually the voice of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God who comes to live in you when you become a new creation. Because God’s Spirit then lives in you, you can hear His voice! The Holy Spirit is always in you and speaks to you in various ways, such as through dreams, images or thoughts. His voice can also come to you through desires, inner peace, through a “sure knowing” deep inside or through events.

But I want to encourage you to hear His voice through His Word. God speaks frequently through the Bible. And He does that every time you, with an open heart, open His Book to receive from Him. Basically it means that you can hear God’s voice every day if you seek Him through His Word. The words come to life through the Holy Spirit and you experience God’s involvement in your personal life; His word will speak in your situation. You receive wisdom for daily things; your work, family or friendships. Guidance in important decisions, answers to your questions, strength to endure in difficult situations, comfort in sadness, peace in your mind etc, etc …

Words of mind and life

When many people left Jesus and asked the twelve disciples if they would not go away from him, Peter replied: “To whom should we go, Lord? You have words of eternal life ”(John 6:68). The words that Jesus spoke were inspired by the Holy Spirit, and therefore words of spirit and life.

Where do you go if you want to hear God speak? If you need wisdom, real answers to your questions or real peace in your heart? Where are you going to hide when the storms of life strike? Where are you going with your grief or frustration?

God’s voice is very close

Where do you look for the answers, the encouragement, the guidance for your life? You don’t have to look far. Open the Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read the Word of God. Ask for a hunger for His Word if you find it hard to read the Bible. Jesus himself said: man will not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matt. 4: 4)

The Bible is the word of God.

Find Him through His word.

Read and listen with your heart to what He wants to tell you …



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