Lord, I need a big miracle


Lord, I need a big miracle!

I can recommend every (new)  person to visit Texel with great summer weather. You can enjoy the dunes, the beach and the many bicycles. Cycling is healthy, fun and free. This summer vacation I tried to get the most out of my bike. Perhaps that is the reason that the blow came a little harder, when I had cyclists a few times on Texel.


My husband and I had cycled quite a bit. Like every tourist on Texel, we wanted to enjoy the view. I placed the lock on my bike. I turned the key in and then took it out. Then the key broke in the lock of my bike. Oh no! I prayed for a great miracle. “ Lord, can you fix my key? Can you make sure that it is a whole again? 

I was really waiting for a mega miracle. That miracle just didn’t come. The frustration only increased. I think God spoke His Spirit to me to put the key in the lock. I did what I experienced to do, and the lock opened again. I didn’t believe it. That’s why I tested it a lot. Open and locked. Locked and open. I could use the lock with a broken key. What a miracle!


After I survived the key drama, we cycled on to the beach. On the beach I also took the time to be alone with God and thank Him. I felt very loved by God at that time. I was also impressed by what God had made. The time came to head for the boat to the mainland again. Suddenly I heard all the air escaping from my rear tire. In one go. We had to cycle a bit back to get the last boat. Dear help!

Because of this event I suddenly got upset. “ Lord, please do a miracle. We had nothing with us to repair the tire. The local bicycle repair point was also closed. We did have one thing with us: a pump. We would initially leave the pump at home, because we had properly checked our bicycle tires in advance. We had taken the pump with me, because I experienced it in my heart. I would rather have seen the bicycle tire miraculously made again. Unfortunately this was not the case. We had to inflate the bicycle tire several times. I have been able to make some miles on my bike. We were fortunately on time for the boat. Another miracle.


Perhaps you have once heard or read that God works miracles. He makes possible what is impossible. God heals, provides and makes everything new. He has already done all that for me. Because of this bike breakdown I sometimes notice that I am staring blindly at ‘big’ miracles. It is good to expect all good from God. After all, he wants the best for us. Therefore bring all your worries to Him. Yet it is up to God what means (big or small miracle) He chooses to achieve His purpose in your life.

“Lord, do you want a miracle to happen in my life. I feel sad, frustrated and helpless. Help me to hand over all my worries. I trust you in a miracle. You are powerful, loving and all-knowing. No matter how big or how small the miracle may be in my eyes, I believe it is a miracle that I need. Help me to trust you. Give me your strength and peace. Amen.”

Have you ever experienced miracles?

Photo: sxc.hu

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