Why do we end our prayer with "Amen"?

Prayer to send to your friends

Dear reader,

God has told me to send the mail below into the world to pass on God’s Love to all those who are dear to me. If you want to participate to pass on God’s Love to your friends, you can copy the email below and send it in its entirety to your friends after you have of course first prayed the prayer for them out of love.

Participate and copy the text below with the picture in its entirety and paste it in your mail. Send it to all your friends who want to pass on God’s Love.

————————————————– – Copy from here —————————————-

Dear friend),

You receive this email from me because you are precious to me.
I have taken time for you to pray the prayer below with all the love that is in me.
Receive it with an open heart and let God’s Love fill your heart.

If you want you can also forward this email to your friends but only if you really take the time to pray the prayer below for them in love. It is my prayer that God’s Love will be passed on to each other in this way and that this mail will be translated into many languages ​​and that the whole world may pass and that God’s Love may reach millions of people through this prayer.

If you want to participate, change my name to your own name and send this mail to people you love and pray prayer for them very seriously and communicate God’s love.

If you know another language, I would ask you to translate this mail and forward it so that it will travel the world. (do you also want to send me a copy for my site)

loving greeting,

My prayer for you.

Heavenly father,

You are so loving and good. Your Love, power, forgiveness, peace, joy, knowledge, wisdom, insight and omnipotence are inexhaustible.

I thank You that I have received Your Love and forgiveness and that I can stay in Your Love forever.
I thank you for the Holy Spirit and for your son Jesus Christ in whom I have met your love.
I would now like to pass on Your Love to my friend and pray for him / her.
I pray him all the good and ask You to richly bless my friend.
Touch his heart so that Your divine peace and love may fill his heart and he may overflow with Your glory.

Lighten his heart and warm him with Your Love so that he may shine and touch his environment with Your Love.

Bless his hands so that he may pass on Your blessing in everything he undertakes.
Bless his lips so that his words will bring life and healing.
Bless his body with health and well-being.
Bless his soul with joy and gratitude.
Bless his spirit with a deep hidden association with Your Holy Spirit and with a deep fellowship with You in Love.

Give him insight and wisdom to always act correctly.
Bring him into Your divine destiny and make him extremely fruitful so that he may radiate Your Love to an ever greater extent and he may develop his gifts and talents to Your honor and glory.
Bless my friend so that he may ascend and reach great heights and see Your glory and be completely happy in Your Love.

I pray that nothing will be missing from him but that he may flood and be overwhelmed in Your Love.
My friend, in the name of Jesus Christ I bless you with the blessing mentioned above.
Receive this blessing now with an open heart and let it flow into your life now.


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